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SpotOn conference

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SpotOn London is ready to push the boundaries of science communication and policy with a new one-day conference taking place on Saturday, 18 November 2017 at the Crick Institute in London.

Hosted by BMCNature Research & Digital Science, SpotOn17 will be a dynamic, highly interactive meeting of researchers, science communicators, technologists, and those interested in science policy.

At this year’s conference, the focus will be on What makes a great researcher: tools and skills.

The aim will be to bring the research community together to share knowledge and expertise about the technological expertise that can complement any stage of the research process, and agree on the essential parts of a researcher’s toolbox.

One of our Early Stage Researchers, Ketevan Glonti, is a junior member of the Advisory Board and is participating in an interactive panel debate around research integrity issues and the potential support available.

More information is available here.


SpotOn conference
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