Research articles

David Blanco; Darko Hren; Jamie J. Kirkham; Erik Cobo; Sara Schroter, “A survey exploring biomedical editors’ perceptions of editorial interventions to improve adherence to reporting guidelines“, F1000Research – December 2019
Tat Thang Vo; Rapahel Porcher; Anna Chaimani; Stijn Vansteelandt, “A novel approach for identifying and addressing case-mix heterogeneity in individual patient data meta-analysis“, Research Synthesis Methods – December 2019
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Lorenzo Bertizzolo; Patrick Bossuyt; Ignacio Atal; Philippe Ravaud; Agnès Dechartres, “Disagreements in risk of bias assessment for randomised controlled trials included in more than one Cochrane systematic reviews: a research on research study using crosssectional design“, BMJ Open- March 2019
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Melissa K. Sharp; Ružica Tokalić; Guadalupe Gómez; Elizabeth Wager; Douglas G. Altman†; Darko Hren, “A cross-sectional bibliometric study showed suboptimal journal endorsement rates of STROBE and its extensions“, JCE – November 2018
Alice M. Biggane; Lucy Brading; Philippe Ravaud; Bridget Young and Paula R. Williamson, “Survey indicated that core outcome set development is increasingly including patients, being conducted internationally and using Delphi surveys”, Trials – February 2018
David Blanco; Alice M. Biggane; Erik Cobo; and MiRoR network, “Are CONSORT checklists submitted by authors adequately reflecting what information is actually reported in published papers?”, Trials – January 2018

Study protocols

Linda Nyanchoka; Catrin Tudur-Smith; Raphael Porcher; Darko Hren “Key stakeholders’ perspectives and experiences with defining, identifying and displaying gaps in health research: a qualitative study protocol”, BMJ Open – September 2019
Mona Ghannad, Bada Yang, Mariska Leeflang, Adrian Aldcroft, Patrick Bossuyt, Sara Schroter, Isabelle Boutron “Evaluating an editorial intervention to reduce spin in the abstract conclusion of manuscripts: a randomized controlled trial”, OSF Registries – August 2019
Camila Olarte Parra; Cedric Van de Bruaene; Laurens Weynants; Evi V Nagler; Alexandra McAleenan; Roy G Elbers; Julian P T Higgins; Els Goetghebeur, “Pre-emptive versus non pre-emptive kidney transplantationfor end-stage kidney disease”, Cochrane Library – December 2018
Ketevan Glonti; Darko Hren “Editors’ perspectives on the peer-review process in biomedical journals: protocol for a qualitative study”, BMJ Open – October 2018
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Melissa Sharp, Ana Utrobičić, Guadalupe Gómez, Erik Cobo, Elizabeth Wager, & Darko Hren “The STROBE extensions: protocol for a qualitative assessment of content and a survey of endorsement”, BMJ Open – October 2017

Commentaries and letters to the editor

Anna Koroleva; Camila Olarte Parra; Patrick Paroubek, “On improving the implementation of automatic updating of systematic reviews”, JAMIA Open – September 2019
Efstathia Gkioni; Ketevan Glonti; Susanna Dodd; Carrol Gamble, “DIABRISK-SL trial: further consideration ofage and impact of imputations”, BMC Medicine – June 2019
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Melissa K. Sharp; Linda Nyanchoka; Darko Hren, “Every ROSE has its thorns”, Environmental Evidence – September 2018
Maria Olsen; Melissa Sharp; Patrick Bossuyt, “From the Theoretical to the Practical: How to Evaluate the Ethical and Scientific Justifications of Randomized Clinical Trials”, JCE – March 2018
Norman, Christopher; Nguyen, Thu Van; Névéol, Aurélie, “Contribution of Natural Language Processing in Predicting Rehospitalization Risk”, Medical Care, August 2017
Camila Olarte Parra; Linda Nyanchoka; Els Goetghebeur,”Different Pediatric Survival After Cardiac Arrest“, Jama Pediatrics – May 2017

Conference papers

Christopher Norman, “A distantly supervised dataset for automated data extraction from
diagnostic studies”
, In: Proceedings of the 18th BioNLP Workshop and Shared Task, Florence (Italy), 2019 (pp. 105– 114)
Anna Koroleva; Patrick Paroubek, “Extracting relations between outcome and significance level in Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) publications”, Proceedings of ACL BioNLP workshop 2019, Florence, Italy – August 2019
Anna Koroleva, Patrick Paroubek, “Annotating Spin in Biomedical Scientific Publications: the case of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)“, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018), Miyazaki, Japan, May 7-12, 2018
Anna Koroleva, “Vers la détection automatique des affirmations inappropriées dans les articles scientifiques”, In: 18e REncontres jeunes Chercheurs en Informatique pour le TAL (RECITAL 2017), 2017 (pp. 135 – 148)
Norman C, Leeflang M, Zweigenbaum P, Névéol A, «Tri Automatique de la Littérature pour les Revues Systématiques» In: 24e Conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN) 2017 (p. 234)
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Norman C, Leeflang M, Zweigenbaum P, Névéol A. “Automating Document Discovery in the Systematic Review Process: How to Use Chaff to Extract Wheat“.Language and Resource Evaluation Conference (LREC) 2018.
Norman C, Leeflang M, Névéol A.”Data Extraction and Synthesis in Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy: A Corpus for Automating and Evaluating the Process“. Proc AMIA Annu Symp. 2018:817-826.


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